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Copenhagen and Istanbul will hold VCT Masters 2 and Champions events, first tournaments with live audience in Valorant

Riot Games revealed the locations of the last 2022 main LAN events for Valorant Champions Tour. Stage 2 Masters will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on July 10-24. The World Championship will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 2-18.

There will be Last Chance Qualifiers between these events in August. They'll be held locally in their representative regions.

EMEA will have three slots at Copenhagen Masters Stage 2 while NA got two of them. Brazil and LATAM will have three, while APAC, Japan, and Korea will receive four in total.

Valorant Champions 2022 will feature 16 teams. 10 of those will qualify via circuit points and 6 squads will earn their spots during Last Chance Qualifiers. The strongest contender so far is OpTic Gaming, who won their first Masters in Reykjavik. They can lose the spot only if two NA teams will place high enough at Masters 2.

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VALORANT Champions 2022 VALORANT Champions 2022

VCT 2022 S2 Masters VCT 2022 S2 Masters

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