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Team Liquid's Nivera got COVID-19 ahead of VALORANT Champions

Team Liquid's player Nabil "Nivera" Benrlitom tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of VALORANT Champions 2021. Since he is feeling well, he will participate in the tournament and play from the isolated room.

The participating teams are currently in quarantine ahead of the event in Berlin. Players are required to take daily antigen tests and twice-weekly PCR tests. Since Nivera was tested positive, he can't play together with his team on stage. He will play from an isolated room, while his squad and the opposing team will play in practice rooms in the quarantine facilities.

Team Liquid's first match of the tournament was moved to the end of the day on the 2nd of December. They will be playing against KRU Esports. Sentinels vs FURIA will take their previous time slot.

VALORANT Champions 2021 will be held in Berlin from 1st to 12th of December. Sixteen teams will be fighting for a million dollars in prize money.


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