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nAts: "I can`t watch CS:GO at all. It`s boring"

Before VALORANT Champions 2021 Gambit Esports` players took part in a press conference. They discussed several differences between Valorant and CS:GO.

I can`t watch CS:GO at all. It`s kind of boring. There are more abilities and variability in Valorant. If you take a look at a CS match a year ago, you will see that the game hasn`t changed at all. There`s nothing new.

There are a lot of new agents in Valorant added from patch to patch, they affect meta a lot. That`s why I like this shooter.

Igor "Redgar" Vlasov pointed out that there is a more complex economy in Valorant.

I like that Valorant has such a hard economic system. In CS a team can accumulate $10 k with a win streak. It will be enough for several rounds. In Valorant such a situation is not possible. Every death will affect you in the future. That`s why you need to take every round very seriously.

Igor "Redgar" Vlasov

VALORANT Champions 2021 starts on December, 1. Gambit plays in group С with Team Secret, Team Vikings, and Crazy Raccoon.



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