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New Valorant agent will be a Controller, confirms Riot

In the blog post on the State of the Agents, Riot Games has informed fans about their plans regarding the next agent.

Riot has confirmed that the next agent is going to be a Controller. However, unlike other Controllers already present in the shooter, the next agent is set to be a “cosmic shift from the play patterns you’ve grown accustomed to”.

So….um, this leaves us with the future. Y’all have been asking for another Controller, and well, that’s what you’re getting next!

As we’ve discussed before, we’re trying to push the boundaries when it comes to Agent abilities in VALORANT, and so far, everything we’ve thrown at you has been less disruptive than we thought they’d be. That said, our next Controller is a cosmic shift from the play patterns you’ve grown accustomed to. This one is for all you “galaxy brain” players out there that like to study everything that happens on a map.

Riot Games

Riot has also mentioned that Viper isn’t receiving any changes in the next patch, while Yoru is expected to receive some buffs since the team isn’t happy about the level of success the Duelist has achieved since its release.

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