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Former Phoenix1 VALORANT player King claims organization failed to pay out tournament winnings

Aiden “King” King has claimed that his former team, Phoenix1, withheld payment for the tournaments he participated in.

King joined the Valorant team of Phoenix1 as a trial member from January 9th to 30th. During this time, he actively participated in two Valorant tournaments: Super League Arena and Pittsburgh Knights Monthly Gauntlet.

In the two tournaments, the team placed first and second respectively, winning $1,300 per player.

King parted ways with Phoenix1 on January 29th. Following this, the remaining members of the roster, including the coach, bought out their contract and left the organization. Aiden claims that after leaving the roster, he didn`t get any money from the team.

After a few attempts at messaging a few members of the organization about my situation, it seems no conclusion is being reached and I am still without my money as of now.

Aiden “King” King

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