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BearClaw Gaming's team dissolves after payment issues

All players and management for BearClaw Gaming’s VALORANT division have terminated their contracts due to payment and support problems, the organization’s general manager Steven Kim revealed in a statement today.

BCG, an American esports organization that signed a South Korean VALORANT roster in January, and its parent company Plynius are accused of not paying their players or providing basic support for the team’s operations.

From now on, we have nothing to do with the abovementioned companies, Plynius or BCG. Players are searching for the best way to maximize their abilities and skills, and for the time being, we will be participating under a new name in Riot’s official matches.

Steven Kim

The former BCG players will now compete under the Team MUYAHO tag and are actively looking for new sponsors moving forward. All five players, their head coach, and the staff are sticking together for this move.




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