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KAY/O Valorant guide: tips, tricks and tactics

KAY/O is Valorant's newest Agent as of the Episode 3 patch released on June, 17 and here`s a full guide that will help you understand how to play him.

KAY/O is the new face of initiators in Valorant. Besides being a robot, having access to a suppression ability sets it apart from the other agents. The machine has flashbangs and grenades.

KAY/O features a fairly simple kit that allows him to be excellent at both defending chokepoints and pushing. With his ability to suppress enemy agents, he can force enemies to temporarily rely solely on their weapons instead of their abilities. KAY/O's teammates are unaffected by his suppression, so he can still synergize perfectly with the rest of his team.

Essentially, KAY/O is a perfect agent for players who are interested in pushing hard chokepoints that are normally crowded with enemies. Also, his ultimate ability turns KAY/O into a one-machine army that can solo win any round.

KAY/O`s abilities

Frag/Ment (C) — 200 Credits

KAY/O equips a grenade and throws it on the ground. The fragment explodes multiple times as soon as it sticks on the floor and damages everyone in the circle. The damage decreases from the center to the edges.

Frag/Ment deals serious damage. You`d better not pass through it by walking, so frag/ment will be useful in stopping attacks in tiny corridors. Also, Frag/Ment can prevent enemies from defusing the Spike.

Flash/Drive (Q) — 250 Credits

KAY/O equips a flash grenade which has two different usages. Right-clicking the flashbang throws it and makes it explode in one second, while left-clicking causes it to detonate in 1.6 seconds. The grenade blinds everyone affected by it and can be purchased up to two times in around.

Flash/Drive is a basic flashbang from CS:GO. It gives you an opportunity to peek enemies by yourself or to prevent enemies from defending objectives. Having a short duration to explode makes the right-clicking hard to dodge.

Zero/Point (E) — Free

Zero/Point is the signature ability of KAY/O and it brought a new mechanic to the game. KAY/O throws a blade that sticks to the first structure it hits, suppressing everyone in the radius of it.

Zero/Point is more like a spy drone, it gives information about the enemy agents. The blade only works on agents, so you have to suppress the rivals to disable their abilities.

Zero/Point is a tier-s counter for sentinels. If you suppress an agent on the bombsite, he has nothing to hold you except his gun.

Null/Cmd (Ultimate) — 7 Points

KAY/O overloads with polarized radiant energy, which strengthens it and causes large energy pulses to emit from his location. Enemies that are affected by this energy are suppressed for a short time. KAY/O also gains combat stim during its ultimate, and if it gets downed, it can be revived by its teammates.

It’s a powerful ultimate that can provide free entry into a bombsite for your team. The pulses affect enemies even though they are out of sight, which makes it impossible to hide for them.

How to play KAY/O

KAY / O will be useful in frontline positions. We advise you to stick to the active playstyle and create a fuss on the map, as well as surprise opponents with unstandart moves. With extensive utility that balances damage and interruption tactics, KAY/O is a great choice, especially for aggressive players.

Your ultimate gives an enormous room for error — your teammates can easily trade you and then revive. The only limitation with your ultimate however is the timer your revive has.

The good thing about Kay/o is that his skills allow him to be played almost everywhere. Kay/o has very few inherent drawbacks, however, it requires decent experience in Valorant to unlock his potential. Kay/o has no smokes in his kit and very little utility meant for the sole purpose of information gathering. This makes him best suited for maps such as Breeze, Bind, Split, where spy agents are most useful.

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