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Rainbow Six Siege Y8S1 operator leak: he will be from Brazil

A future reveal stream reward charm in Rainbow Six Siege possibly hints at the Year 8 Season 1 operator's origins. The relevant picture was shared by a well-known dataminer, Lungu, on his Telegram channel.

The charm is marked Y8S1 and features South American aesthetics, along with Brazilian colors and the flag on it. Important to note that this is not the first charm related to Brazil so far.

Following the pattern of past reveal charms, seems like Y8S1 operator will [be] from Brazil.

Lungu, R6 dataminer
Rainbow Six Y4S7 operator Solis gadget description leak: here's what it does

What makes this information plausible is that a similar thing happened previously. Reveal charms were being granted for watching reveal streams. And at the Y7S4 broadcast, Ubisoft introduced the charm with the Colombian flag, hinting at Solis's origins.

If true, this will be a third operator from Brazil, following Caveira and Capitao. So far, there are almost no details on the character, his or her gadget, and loadouts.

R6 latest operator Solis was fully revealed in the past few days, Since November 21 the operator is undergoing play tests on TTS, before he will be hitting live servers two weeks later on December 6, 2022.


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