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Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 next operator Fenrir leaks and details: lore, appearance, gadget, loadout and release date

Rainbow Six Siege operator, going under the name Fenrir, got his details leaked by data miners. The R6 Y8S2 fill feature a defender character from Sweden with a gas mine. Here's what we know about him so far.

Update, May 14: Ubisoft released Fenrir's official trailer.

Fenrir's background and appearance

According to data miner Lungu, Fenrir's name is Emil Svensson, coming from Upsala, Sweden. Game files show no affiliation with an organization, which is the case with some other operators, including Oryx, Flores and Azami.

Source: Lungu_r6 Telegram
Source: Lungu_r6 Telegram

R6 Y8S2 operator's gameplay, gadget and loadout

Fenrir's gadget is F-NATT Dread Mine, it's a sticky explosive that spreads gas upon opponents' arrival at some distance. The description says it's good for "watching flanks and area denial."

Update, May 13: Lungu revealed Fenrir's gameplay in a video. It shows how Dread Mines work, their range and other details. You can learn more by following the link below.

Rainbow Six Siege Y8S2 new operator Fenrir's leaked gameplay shows his dread mines in action

The Swedish operator has both speed and armor 2.

Fenrir's Laodout

  • Primary weapon: MP7 or SASG-12
  • Secondary weapon: Bailiff 410 revolver
  • Gadgets: Bulletproof Camera or Barbed Wire
Source: Lungu_r6 Telegram

When will Fenrir come out?

The exact date is not known yet. The new defender will arrive with the release of Operation Dread Factor, somewhere in June 2023. Maybe Ubisoft will announce it during the operation's presentation on May 14, starting at 20:30 CEST.

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