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What we know about R6: Siege Year 7 Season 3 so far: release date, operator details, leaks

The third season of Year 7 in Rainbow Six: Siege is quite far away, but some information already started to appear in media and insider accounts. We collected the latest reveals, leaks, and news on the next season in R6: Siege for you.


Bio: Most likely, the next operator is called Grim. He is from Singapore, and a part of the NightHaven mercenary group.

Loadout: Zer0Bytes_ leaked a lot of information on his gear. Grim is a 3 speed operator, whose arsenal will include the SG 552 Commando assault rifle, SG-CQB pump-action shotgun, and the P9 pistol. C4 and the breaching charge will be his gadgets. Most likely he will be a defender.

Ability: Grim releases a cloud of nanobots, which tag the enemies passing through the area.

Release date

According to dumbhael, the third season will start on September 5. Last year the third season started pretty close to that date, on September 7.

The current season, Operation Vector Glare, started in March. The developers added a new operator Sens, gave a lot of operators another choice of secondary weapon, and increased the volume of crouch walking.


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