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PUBG patch 24.2 notes: Blue Chip Detector removal and Tactical Gear adjustment, changes to rewards and reputational system

KRAFTON introduced the update 24.2 for PUBG featuring Tactical Gear nerf, including the Blue Chip Detector removal. They also presented changes to rewards, training mode, maps and reputational system, along with other adjustments. The full list of them is available on the Steam page of the game.

Tactical Gear

Blue Chip Detector

  • Has been removed from Tactical Gear.

EMT Gear

The usage time for the following heal items, when applied to oneself, has been slightly reduced.

  • Med Kit usage time: 8 seconds → 7 seconds
  • First Aid Kit usage time: 6 seconds → 5 seconds
  • Bandage usage time: 4 seconds → 3 seconds

To retain the role of team play, the usage time of the following items when used on team members has been slightly reduced.

  • Med Kit usage time: 7 seconds → 6 seconds
  • First Aid Kit usage time: 5 seconds → 4 seconds
  • The revival speed of teammates has been shortened from 8 seconds → 7 seconds.

Repair Kit

  • Usage: 10 times → 6 times
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New Reward System

  • BP rewards are no longer awarded for playing in the Arcade. In their place, we're introducing the new Arcade Point (AP) system.
  • You will receive AP as rewards for playing in the Arcade.
  • Obtained AP can be viewed both on the in-game Match Results and End of Match page.
  • You can claim rewards each time you achieve an AP milestone.
  • AP count will reset every Wednesday at 2 AM (UTC).


  • The BP rewards you obtain after a match have been boosted substantially.
  • This enhancement will be more pronounced for players at lower skill levels (in terms of ranking, kills, damage, etc.).
  • The display of BP/XP match reward details has been removed from the in-game Match Result screen. These details are available on the End of Match page.
  • The contents of the Supply Loot Cache obtainable through events and Survival Level progression has been enhanced.
  • Credits (5/10/15/20) will be provided as the guaranteed reward instead of the former BP reward (100/200/300/500)
  • The bonus contents you can acquire with an additional chance have been updated to the following:
  • Costume and Gear Imprint (Individual) / 1 Key Fragment / 2 Key Fragment / 3 Key Fragment / 4 Key Fragment
  • The probability of acquiring Costume amprint have been substantially increased
  • Information on the full composition of the Supply Loot Cache can be found at the Workshop - Regular Crafting page.
  • If you choose to open Supply Loot Caches earned before the 24.2 Update, after the 24.2 Update goes live, the contents will reflect the updated reward composition.
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Training Mode

Training records have been added to the Aim/Sound Lab.

  • Following each Aim/Sound session, your training results are systematically documented.
  • Training records provide various metrics such as your aiming scores, aiming accuracy, distribution of targeted hits, and more.
  • You can compare your past performances, monitor both your most recent and highest records.
  • The highest records shows your best Aim or Sound session performance to date within the last 10, 50, or 100 records.
  • Aim and Sound can store up to 100 records each, and any records before the most recent 100 will be removed.
  • The Training Record button has been added next to the Exit Training Mode button.
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