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PMWI 2023 controversial voting for Allstars Stage has closed, but TO will investigate results for potential fraud

PUBG Mobile's controversial voting for the invites to PUBG Mobile World Invitational Allstars Stage ended up with all 14 teams determined. The organizer warned that the results are not set in stone, as they will investigate suspicious anomalies that happened during the process and potentially deny some of the slots if fraud is found.

We wanted to provide an update on the 2023 PMWI in-game vote event, as we have been monitoring an invalid vote count. To ensure the integrity of the final numbers, once voting has closed, we will verify each vote and remove any invalid entries. This means the data displayed on the in-game voting page is not final and is subject to change.

PUBG Mobile esports committee

PUBG Mobile in-game voting for tickets to the last-chance qualifiers for World Cup happened in several regions. The six best teams of the Allstars Stage will advance to the main event. Last year's PMWI 2022 had the same approach. But this time, a scandal broke out in the community suspecting all kinds of vote manipulations, along with conspiracies, intrigues, bugs and lags damaging the integrity of the voting.

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