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PUBG patch 22.1 add polar bears, thermal scopes, and nerfs Mk-12

Krafton released patch 22.1 for PUBG, and Vikendi is now populated with polar bears. They can be met in normal and custom modes, attacking players when they are within a specific range. Other changes include weapon rebalance, addition of thermal scopes, and return of moonlight weather.


New creature: bear

  • Bears can be killed.
  • Bears will begin to attack if you are within a certain range.
  • Bear warning signs have been added throughout the map.
  • Bear kill/damage stats will not reflect on your Profile Overview, Stats, Match History, Mastery, and End of Match screen.


  • Moonlight weather will appear randomly in matches.
  • Only available in Vikendi in Normal Matches, Custom Matches

New Scope: Thermal 4x Scope

  • The Thermal Scope utilizes heat signatures to help you detect obscured enemies more easily. This includes enemies hiding in smoke, darkness, brush, etc.
  • The Thermal Scope is a world spawn item.
  • Only available in Vikendi in Normal and Custom Matches
  • (PC) Available on every map through Sandbox Mode.
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Main Gameplay changes


  • Damage: 51 -> 50
  • Initial Bullet Speed: 930m/s -> 900m/s
  • Recoil recovery: Reduced by approximately 6%.
  • Recoil speed: Increased by approximately 2%.

Weapon spawn balance

  • Spawn rates of 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons (AR, DMR, LMG only) were adjusted to have them share similar spawn rates, and to provide more primary weapon options to our players.
  • This spawn balance applies to every map and mode.

Vehicle adjustments

  • Zima has been slightly sized up.
  • Vehicle models with open roofs such as the UAZ, Mirado, and Pickup Truck have been removed as they made drivers/passengers a bit too vulnerable.
  • Dacia and UAZ will now spawn in Taego.
  • Trunks have been added to Pickup Trucks and UAZ.
  • Capacity: 250

Intense Battle Royale mode

  • Available in Custom Matches.
  • Min: 2 players, max: 16 players
  • FPP/TPP both available.
  • Maps are selectable among Erangel/Miramar/Taego/Deston, but the specific play areas within each map will be selected randomly.
  • The new Moonlight weather/Bear/Thermal 4x Scope have been added to Vikendi’s Custom Match settings.
  • Haven has been added to Custom Match.

The developers also added new spawn places on various maps, and fixed a number of bugs and performance issues. The full list of changes is available on the official website.

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