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Over 100 players arrested in Bangladesh for organizing and competing in PUBG Mobile Tournament

Bangladesh police detained 108 people who made themselves a PUBG Mobile event. The game is officially banned in the country. The news was shared by

The players gathered in a community center and played all night, and on the next day, their activity was reported to the police. Following the raid, the players were detained with their smartphones confiscated.

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24 players were sentenced to two-day imprisonment. Others are awaiting age verification and will receive a similar punishment if they are 18 or older. Six organizers of the competition may go through additional trials.

PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and several other mobile games were banned in Bangladesh due to their high addictiveness and bad influence on teenagers. The game is blamed for causing "moral and social degradation." There are over countries in the region that briefly or permanently banned PUBG Mobile, such as Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nepal.

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