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New PUBG teaser reveals helicopter and weather sounds for new "Kiki" map Video

KRAFTON released a sound teaser, supposedly for PUBG's next map, "Kiki." Based on the noizes, we may get new different weather conditions, heavy vehicle machine guns, and a helicopter. The teaser was released on the game's official YouTube channel.

The previously promised airboat and obscure shapes of a city are the only visible things in the teaser. The developers first mentioned Kiki in Spring 2021 and provided some details in March 2022. The map should be out in Q3 (July – September) of this year.

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Kiki should feature greater landscape diversity, a new unique ankle-deep swamp area, and a futuristic city with the most verticality in PUBG. Here's how the devs explained the map's backstory:

Kiki is a near-future city that has been ravaged by the elements. Dangerous storms, powerful floods, and of course, the tolls of time, have all contributed to the downfall of this once-thriving city. Built upon a tamed frontier, the lands around Kiki still very much belong to nature with a blend of rocky highlands, floral planes, and dense swamps with bits of 21st-century civilization dotted throughout. It is a Battleground unlike anything we’ve built before, and we’re excited to see Kiki inhabited once again.

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