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TGLTN banned from PUBG for one month for making monkey noises

Susquehanna Soniqs' James "TGLTN Giezen" received a monthly ban from PUBG Corp for making monkey noises on stream. The Australian opposed this decision, claiming that he didn't try to offend anyone.

TGLTN went on stream and demonstrated the clip himself. He explained his "monkey behavior" as having fun and trolling.

How can I be racist when I don't even know what the f*king guy is? When I don't even know his race? We are flipping the car, I'm pretending to be a monkey and I'm a racist?

James "TGLTN" Giezen, Susquehanna Soniqs

It seems that TGLTN was banned after a report from a Brazilian +55 e-Sports team. Its Twitter account owner shared the clip on May 6, saying that he sent tickets to both PUBG Corp and Twitch.

Auto-translation from Twitter

In one of the Reddit threads dedicated to this incident, users suppose that this happened as some form of revenge for Brazilian player Kaio "Balkkan" Duarte from 22. In a recent video, TGLTN exposed him supposedly using recoil macros to cheat.

The fans disagreed with PUBG's verdict on TGLTN. Many reminded other cases of him making animal noises, for example, barking like a dog. It is not the first ban for famous Australian. In 2020, he received a ban for discrimination and in 2021 he was blocked again.

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