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Overwatch 2 "spirit fox" support Kiriko abilities and weapons officially revealed Video

Blizzard announced Kiriko, a new support hero that was rumored for quite a while. They showcased her skills, weapons, fox companion, and background lore. The reveal via trailer was posted on YouTube.

Kiriko will be the first support hero in over three years. Most of her abilities were already known, thanks to a leaked trailer. This is the first look at her full official kit.

Kiriko's Abilities

Passive: Wall Climb

  • Kiriko can jump on the walls to climb them.

Healing Ofuda

  • Kiriko fires several talisman projectiles onto her allies which slowly follow them. Upon reaching the target, they heal to a certain amount of health.


  • Thrown weapon that deals increased critical damage.

Swift Step

  • Teleports Kiriko to an ally. It works through walls as well.

Protection Suzu

  • Kiriko buffs a specific area in front of her. Upon impact, allies become briefly invulnerable and lose most debuffs. It is also the first ability to remove the ultimate-based debuff. The developers revealed at the press conference that it cleanses Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and Sombra’s EMP.

Ultimate: Kitsune Rush

  • Summons a fox spirit that rushes forward, creating a boosting path for the allies. It accelerates their movement, attack speed, and even cooldowns.

Kirioko is the defender of Kanezaka. She was trained by her mother, a former ninja, to protect her hometown, along with Hanzo and Genji Shimada brothers. Together with a group of teens called Yokai, they fight against the evil clan Hashimoto.

The heroine will be out with the release of Overwatch 2 on October 4 but locked behind Battle Pass. Kiriko can be obtained for free, although it will take some grinding.


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