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New Overwatch 2 leak reveals "Fox Girl" hero detailed abilities, image and name Rumors

Overwatch 2 next support hero, "Fox Girl," just received another portion of details. An anonymous person claims her name is Kimiko [Update: later leak stands for Kiriko]. He posted her screenshot with a detailed abilities description. While they almost perfectly fit the previous rumors and hints, note that this may be a recreation based on those leaks.

Kimiko's Abilities

  • Passive: Kimiko can attach to walls and then jump horizontally upon release of the jump button. She can also climb ledges (but not walls).
  • Primary Fire: Shuriken. Kimiko can throw and control its direction. The weapon returns to her and fills the energy bar on hit. Depending on energy, Suriken grows in size and can hit more targets.
  • Secondary Fire: Spends energy to heal and overheal an area in front of Kimiko. The amount of the healed HP is split between the players in the area equally. For example, 100 HP heal provides two players with 50 HP.
  • Fox-related Ability: Summons the fox companion and creates an area around her. Inside it, allies receive healing and lifesteal. Enemies suffer from a new type of damage that slowly heals back if they leave the area.
  • Fox-related Ability: Fox jumps from Kimiko's shoulder and runs forward, creating a speed-boosting and damage-reducing path. It also slightly slows enemies. The ability uses the same fox, so it cannot co-exist with the previous one and shares the cooldown with 2 charges.
  • Ultimate: Summons huge nine-tailed fox that works similar to Hanzo's Spirit Dragon. It travels in line and sends any enemy hit to another dimension. Those can't interact with anyone and are slowed. They are visible before they return back.
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The fox is looking exactly like the one from Blizzard's trailer. The shuriken and speed-boosting path were also mentioned before. A few days ago, the developers had planned a disclosed meeting with content creators, this is where this leak could've originated from.

The new "Fox Girl" character should arrive at the game with the OW2 launch set on October 2.

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