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Blizzard revealed Doomfist and Orisa reworks in Overwatch 2

Blizzard announced reworks for two Overwatch characters. Doomfist and Orisa received new abilities and stat adjustments. In the official blog post, developers explained the reasons behind the changes.

Doomfist became a tank hero and his health was increased from 250 to 450. New Power Block ability will be his bread and butter as it now reduces 90% of frontal damage. The developers spoke about how they tried to keep Doomfist's fighting genre identity.

Doomfist is a combo hero, taking a page out of fighting games. We want to keep that feeling while moving him to the tank role.

Geoff Goodman, Lead Hero Designer

Orisa will become a more upfront character that engages in short-range fighting. Instead of ammo, her weapons can fire until they get overheated. In that case, they become useless for 3 seconds. Orisa's new ultimate now pulls nearby enemies and then deals AoE damage while also fortifying her.

We started her rework by removing Orisa’s barrier and her Halt ability, but we still thought Halt was really cool. We incorporated the idea of Halt into Orisa’s new ultimate, and this is where the pull comes from.

Geoff Goodman, Lead Hero Designer

These reworks mostly fall in line with the previous leak. Doomfist and Orisa will be available to play in the upcoming Beta. Scheduled on April 26, it will feature PvP with a new "Push" mode and the new hero Sojourn.

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