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Leak: Overwatch 2 Junkerqueen abilities and weapons revealed Rumors

Ex-coach and content creator Felix "Fefe" Munch shared new information about the rumored heroine Junkerqueen for Overwatch 2. He cited a reliable source and uncovered some details of her abilities.

Junkerqueen will use a shotgun and something like a boomerang sword. It seems that her main abilities are tied to healing and bleeding effects. The preliminary version of it is shown below.

Possible Junkerqueen's abilities

  • Main weapon: "Scattergun". Some kind of a shotgun said to be similar to the Scout's gun from TF2.
  • Secondary weapon: a sword with bleeding and an alternative throwing attack.
  • Battle Cry: provides 200 HP to Junkerqueen and 100 HP to allies. There's also a 30% speed buff, but its targeting is unclear.
  • Carnage: deals damage in front of the heroine with a bleeding effect
  • Adrenaline shot: a passive ability which seems to be healing damage-over-time effects like bleeding or poisoning.
  • Rampage ultimate: Junkerqueen charges in front of her dealing anti-healing damage while healing herself with passive ability.

Blizzard has not officially announced the Junkerqueen. The first hero added to Overwatch 2 will be Sojourn. Players will be able to try her in the closed beta of the sequel, which starts on April 26.

Overwatch 2 closed beta to start in late April 2022

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