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New Overwatch tank hero Ramattra release date, lore, gameplay, weapons, and abilities

On November 26, Blizzard revealed the first Ramattra gameplay trailer, showcasing the new tank's skills, transformation abilities, and other details. Ramattra will become the 36th hero in Overwatch 2. We gathered what is already known about the character in one place.

Ramattra's weapon

Void Accelerator (Left Click): The new tank's weapon is a staff that fires a set of projectiles. They have a fixed pattern and are most useful at close range.

Ramattra's skillset

Void Barrier (Right Click): Ramattra places a shield in a specific location that protects him and his teammates. It's likely to be immovable and has a temporary effect.

Nemesis Form (Shift): Ramarrta transforms into a more powerful omnic. For the next 8 seconds, he receives 150 armor, along with the attack change. Here's how they work in Nemesis Form:

  • Pummel (Left Click): Nemesis form attack. Ramattra delivers a punch that creates a wave of energy and pierces enemy shields.
  • Block (Right Click): Ramattra reduces the frontal damage even from some AoE's, including Molten Core and Hanzo's Dragons. The ability slows down Ramattra.

Ravenous Vortex (E): Ramattra fires a nano ball, exploding upon impact and spreading a damaging field. Enemies caught on the blast are also slowed and pulled downward.

Annihilation (Q): AoE ability that lasts while dealing damage to enemies. Ramattra creates a swarm of nanobots in front of him that deals damage and halves incoming damage.

When will Ramattra come out

Ramattra should arrive with the start of Season 2 in Overwatch 2. It is scheduled for December 6, 2022.

Ramattra's brief lore

Ramattra is a slightly changed Sanskrit name roughly translated as The Dark Defender. He is an omnic built to lead other omnics into battle. However, Ramattra always wanted peace and prosperity for his people. He joined Shambali in an attempt to coexist with humans, but it never worked out, as people continued to destroy them.

After a while, Ramattra became opposed to humankind and reviewed his approach. He formed and headed the extremist liberation faction Null Sector to try and force their way to peace. During that period, he rebuilt himself and created the Nemesis Form.

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