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Snip3down leaks FaZe Clan possibly entering Apex Legends Rumors

FaZe Clan might open the Apex Legends division with the ASS trio of Eric "Snip3down" Wrona, Mac "Albralelie" Beckwith, and SlurpeeG. This information was hinted at on the stream of Albralelie.

Snip3down joined his discord chat and immediately started talking about some negotiations with the org: "I did talk to FaZe. Everything's totally fine with FaZe. They are totally down to get everyone…"

At this point, Albralelie had to interrupt Eric and notify him that he was streaming. "Oh, Jesus Christ," said Snip3down before starting to laugh. SlurpeeG soon joined the discord call as well.

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There's nothing to confirm this rumor, and "talks with FaZe" doesn't necessarily mean contract signing. However, it looks plausible now. All three players compete together under the tag of ASS in FFL Global Challenge.

Snip3down is currently under contract with FaZe after trying in Halo for half a year. Albraleile is streaming for TSM, and SlurpeeG is teamless. There's also still an invited team to be announced for North America Pro League. It would make sense to reserve this place for this trio.

Possible FaZe Clan Apex Legends lineup

  • Eric "Snip3down" Wrona
  • Mac "Albralelie" Beckwith
  • SlurpeeG
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