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Escape from Tarkov might've started its pre-wipe events

Battlestate Games possibly started a spree of pre-wipe events in Escape from Tarkov. In the latest temporary addition to the game the developers made all bosses to spawn on Customs.

Reshala still spawns in Dorms, while Sanitar hangs on Old Gas station. Gluhar sits at Stronghold, Killa and Tagilla live in Big Red customs building, and Shturman chills on the bridge.

This is another event in the streak of possible pre-wipe activities. Earlier BSG changed Obdolbos — now the stim gives you +50 levels to multiple character stats like Strength, but has a 5% chance to kill you on activation. That's the same event they had in the last pre-wipe.

"We will never have NFT or pay-to-win donations in our games". EFT creator Nikita Buyanov on game balance and feedback from streamers
Nikita explained why he don't like players following metabuilds in Escape from Tarkov.

Nikita was also on record recently saying that the wipe and a new patch is close. It will include new guns, clothing, gear, Rogue bosses, and a bunch of other stuff.

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