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Diablo Immortal earns $24 million in first two weeks, faces delay in China

Blizzard’s mobile Diablo Immortal reportedly earned $24 million in transactions during the first two weeks after release. The data was shared by the Appmagic website.

It makes the game the second most-earning title for Blizzard following Hearthstone. The revenue is almost equally split between iOS and Android ($13 and $11.3 mln). The game’s lifetime expected value stands at $3.54 per user, which promises even greater revenues for its creators.


According to Appmagic, Diablo Immortal was downloaded 8.5 mln times (which contradicts Blizzard’s data). It is mostly played in the USA with 22% of the installments and 44% of revenue. Some noticeable countries are South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and Germany. Other regions make up 40% of the player base.

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Diablo Immortal has yet to launch in China. The release was planned for June 23, but recently NetEase removed its announcement, with stocks plummeting 10% as a reaction. The official Diablo Immortal account on Weibo was blocked last week for "violating relevant laws and regulations." Experts say it's likely to be only a delay, and the game will still go out in China.

Diablo Immortal met some serious criticism after release. The game's pay-to-win mechanics caused fans to review bomb it on Metacritic, making Diablo Immortal the worst game in history by that metric. On iOS and Android the title currently has 4.5 and 3.6 scores.

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