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Total War: Warhammer will get the second World Championship

Total War: Warhammer second world championship will be hosted in autumn. This information appeared on the tournament’s official Discord server.

It will be the biggest tournament for the new Total War Warhammer III game. It was released in February 2022, and the event operators want to make sure that all balance changes and additional polishing is done to make the championship run smooth. They also hope to welcome more players than the 700 that participated last time.

We did not forget about you and about WWC, in fact works are already in progress to give you the best possible experience in our second iteration of the Warhammer World Championship!

The tournament will take place sometime during fall (we want to give CA time to do some balance changes and check that everything is ok before starting this herculean effort).

What can you do? First of all keep an eye on this channel, more news will be shared here when we are ready to do so. Then spread the news! The first iteration of WWC was attended by more than 700 players and we only want numbers to get higher. Whether you are a new champion in seek of glory or an old legend looking to further increase your reputation this is the right place for you to be!

Official Warhammer World Cup discord
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First Total War: Warhammer was hosted online in May 2021. It was done by the hands of community members with little support from the game owners. The final match has almost 350k views on its YouTube channel. A Russian player Evenstar defeated Alfredino in the grand final bo7 with a score of 4:3.

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