Country Brazil
Region South America
World Ranking
Regional Ranking #28
Matches 18 / 18
Win Rate 22% / 22%
Current streak 3 lose in a row
Record win streak 1 ()
Record lose streak 3 ()
Earned $178 / $178

Cruzeiro eSports Academy

Cruzeiro eSports Academy Roster

Top.Reversed 1616014800
vs KBM.A
Jungle.Small 1611186120
vs PNG.A
NOsFerus Mid.NOsFerus 1616014800
vs KBM.A
Mid.Piloto 1613590260
vs ITZ.A
Support.Lawi 1616014800
vs KBM.A

Other players

pbo 1616014800
St1ng 1616014800
Sephis 1614808800
Drop 1614808800

CRZ.A World Ranking

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Team Cruzeiro eSports Academy did not earn any rating points

CRZ.A Regional Ranking (South America)

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CRZ.A Stats

on 2021-05-05
Not enough data to compile statistics for the Cruzeiro eSports Academy

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2021 $178

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