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LoL dev update: Arcane S2 teaser trailer, Swarm mode, three splits, 3rd international LAN, American and APAC unified leagues

Riot Games released a post-MSI developer update vlog. They shared news and teaser trailer of Arcane Season 2, spoke about future changes of League of Legends esports, and commented on Malphite's visual update.

Arcane Season 2

  • The season would be the last, as the team "had a very specific ending" from the start. However, it's not the last project of this type.


  • Champion Roadmap in 2024 is canceled. The developers will return to them in future.
  • Malphite's visual update is experimental , which might not make it to the game. The developers are trying to bring updated visuals from Wild Rift and see how they work in LoL.

New Swarm mode

  • New Swarm PvE mode for co-op or solo.
  • Swarm will come out mid-july (PBE in late June)


  • Riot claims to ban 47k scripters (2.5k in Diamond+)
  • Riot significantly decreased bots' involvement, reducing their time from million to less than 50k hours per day.

New esports schedule

  • New format with three splits and unified schedule
  • Third yearly LAN (starting from March 2025) with a single best team from each region
  • Experimental Fearless Draft tournament mode (for new LAN only). In a bo3 or bo5 series, the mode bans champions picked in previous games.
  • Multi-region leagues in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Americas
  • New international LAN slot system
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