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League of Legends patch 14.11 notes preview: Smolder, Pantheon buffs, Hwei, Jinx nerfs, K'Sante changes

League of Legends Patch 14.11 preview came out on X. Over 20 champions are going to be rebalanced, including Master Yi, Hwei, Mordekaiser, Gnar, and Ornn. Riot's game designer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison explained some changes in more detail. Judging by his post, some decisions were made based on the results of MSI 2024.

League of Legends Patch 14.11 details

Lane Swaps

  • They've been a hot topic of conversation over the course of MSI
  • While we think some of this was teams adapting to player matchup diffs over time, in some cases, it's more optimal than we'd like (eg. double ranged bot lanes)
  • While a few lane swaps every now and then is favorable for the viewer experience, every game is too far
  • We'll be adjusting the fortification and first turret gold values as a result.


  • K'Sante has also been a hot topic from MSI
  • While there have been some favorable matchups into him, he was generally not exploitable enough
  • In the short term, we're making some targeted changes to reduce just how much damage he can soak with W. We also intend to take a larger stab at some of his kit shape to give him sharper strengths and weaknesses, but that will take some time
  • Given that he has optionality between tanking and fighting, he probably also shouldn't be so generally durable.

Marksmen Generally

  • Marksmen after the changes to snowballing, experience are now at similar levels of durability to the durability patch
  • They also seem very strong, but we're waiting on more information before acting in a significant way
  • We intend to tune around this rough level of durability and nerf other things like damage, etc. if they are too strong.

Marksman First Items

  • Overall, Marksmen first items seems close
  • Kraken/Collector/ER/IE are all viable options of varying strength
  • We believe Collector and IE are a bit on the strong side and ER a little on the weak side
  • Shiv has struggled to find an audience, we're looking to move it further into the on-hit space and it is also pretty underpowered.


  • Smolder has landed in a bit of a weird spot; Tri Force overall is offering a bit of a better package than Essence Reaver overall
  • We would like Sheen items to be viable on him, and also to have some Crit builds and some non Crit builds.

Patch 14.11 will come out on May 30. This would be the first update after the massive changes of the previous one. The developers didn't touch reworked Corki, as he was changed during the hotfix micropatch earlier. Mid-Season Invitational used the update 14.8.

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