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Aurelion Sol early game skill priority changes after buff in League of Legends patch 14.3

Riot Games announced a partial rework of Aurelion Sol in patch 14.3 for League of Legends. The list of changes was published by the champion designer Maxwell "Yelough" Perlman.

The developers want to push the character towards more active early gameplay by changing the ability leveling priority from Q, E, W to Q, W, E. The changes should also help the champion perform better with the new item system.

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ASol buffs are coming to PBE for 14.3! The goal of these buffs is to make ASol feel better about the new item system, give him more early-game agency to cast his spells, and push him towards more proactive play using Q+W. We are pushing his stacking towards proactive play and away from optimizing stacks gained from E. The intention of giving ASol more early game agency is to make it so he must use that agency to meaningfully scale. So rather than being able to do so by biding his time or dropping E on a fight and waiting for allies to clean up, the onus is now more on ASol to succeed rather than it being a matter of time.

Maxwell "Yelough" Perlman

The modified Aurelion Sol will be available on the PBEserver starting January 29. The release will occur in update 14.3, scheduled for February 7, 2023. The developers also plan to change Yorick's abilities, along with some visual changes. More details are available at the link below.

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