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League of Legends 14.2 hotfix patch notes: Teemo and Rumble buffed, Brand nerfed

Riot Games has released a small hotfix for League of Legends update 14.2. The adjustments were made to Teemo, Rumble and Brand. A list of changes appeared in the developers' account on Twitter.

The win rate of the first two dropped significantly after they got nerfed in patch 14.2. Meanwhile, Brand turned out to be too strong, although he did not receive direct buffs. The hotfix is already available on all servers.

Patch 14.2 was released on January 24. The developers continue dealing with the aftermath of the item overhaul that took place at the beginning of the season. This patch will also see the arrival of a new champion, Smolder. He will become available on January 31. More details about its gameplay can be found in our guide below.

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