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League of Legends developer on changes for patch 14.3: more burst nerfs, champion adjustments, negative LP gains removal

League of Legends developer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison elaborated on the changes of patch 14.2 and revealed what Riot Games planned to change in future update 14.3. They will focus on reducing the overall burst damage, reducing negative LP gains as close as possible to 0%, and rebalancing champions that "feel" bad.

Burst decreases (through stat shard adjustments, Stormsurge, Bloodsong nerfs). For 14.3, we're still going to bring burst down after auditing which classes are bursting more, how happy we are with the relative power in the systems and champions long term (i.e. If the items are in the right spot, we'd bring the champions down and if not we'd bring the items down).

Item trackers. Half of these made it into the patch (ones that previously had them and were removed pre ship), and more will come in 14.3.

Ranked LP gains adjustments. At the end of last season, 40% of players had negative LP gains. Right now, it's 3%. We have fixes for the issues that are causing this 3% and intend to bring it down to 0-1%. There will be some adjustments in this patch [14.2] and some next patch [14.3].

Overall game balance. Outside of burst, game time, snowballing, and objective balance all look decent. No planned changes here outside of maybe a Rift Herald buff.

Role Balance. We're waiting on a bit more info for role balance before making any sweeping changes, but in Elite play, junglers are playing to top and bot an equal amount, whereas, at normal play, they play towards bot predominantly. We'll continue to monitor and see if this is a legitimate balance issue (and would warrant changes) or whether normal play just needs time to adapt.

Starting in 14.3, we're going to be looking at some champs that don't "feel" great, even though their balance state is OK (e.g. Illaoi with walls in the top lane).

Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison

League of Legends patch 14.2 will come out on January 24. The new champion, baby dragon Smolder, should be added to the game, although there were rumors about his release postponed to patch 14.3. More information about LP gain changes is available here. You can find the list of stat adjustments coming with update 14.2 via the link below.

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