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T1, G2, Liquid, EG get in Top-10 most popular esports organizations of 2023 by watched hours

T1 topped the list of most watched organizations in esports, according to the research by Esports Charts. Its teams accumulated over 143 mln hours in total. They were followed by Mobile Legends Bang Bang organizations ONIC and Rex Regum Qeon.

Note that this is not the list of the most popular teams, which can be found here, This chart also doesn't include Battle Royale statistics and data from Chinese platforms.

Source: Esports Charts

The Top 3 are dominated by organizations, with numbers mainly from a single game. T1 won Worlds and reached high placements at MSI last year, so most of the watched hours came from League of Legends. MLBB is highly popular in SEA, where the tournaments draw their numbers.

Multigaming companies operating worldwide are coming next. Liquid and G2 posted viewership similar to the previous year of 2022.

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EG appearing on the list looks like a sarcastic farewell and a reminder of how big of a brand we're about to lose. The organization is reportedly in the process of a complete shutdown. They already exited Valorant and CS2 and sold their slot in League of Legends.

Compared to last year, there's an increase in viewership of the Top 10. However, some legacy tags like NAVI and FaZe have left the ranking.

Source: Esports Charts
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