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League of Legends patch notes 14.2 preview: Hwei, Gwen, Veigar buffs, Jax, Teemo, Blitzcrank nerfs

Riot Games released a second seasonal patch 14.2 preview for League of Legends. The developers will buff 13 champions, including Gwen, Veigar, and Ahri. Jax, Teemo, Blitzcrank, and other will be nerfed. The details were revealed by Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison on Twitter.

The developers continue to fix the game after the removal of Mythics. So many champions were buffed because they lost essential items that were reworked or removed. And vice versa, some characters nerfs were introduced to decrease "incredible synergies" with some of the new items.

League of Legends Patch 14.2 will come out on January 24. The new champion, baby dragon Smolder, should arrive in the game, although his release date could've been postponed to patch 14.3.

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