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League of Legends hoxtfix patch notes 14.1b preview: Zed and Naafiri buffs, Gwen, LeBlanc, Taric nerfs

League of Legends developers released a preview for the balancing update 14.1b for the first patch of the season. It is aimed to hotfix some outliers, including Zed, Zac, Gwen, Teemo and other champions. Game designer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison stated there would be more adjustments and explained some of the changes.

Zed buff: Zed was very dependent on Ravenous Hydra last season and took a large hit. Now that he's back to being a more single target, we're looking at some buffs to get him back to his normal power level.

Naafiri buff: Even accounting for Naafiri players building wrong and Profane Hydra being a bit weak, she still seems weak. Giving her a bit of a bump to be more performant.

Zac buff: Losing Radiant Virtue was a pretty big blow to Zac, and we're looking to bring him back up to account for that.

Fizz, Gwen, Kayle, Singed, Teemo nerfs: As mentioned above, we think the items are in a decent spot

Leblanc: Thought we might be able to get away with reverting the attack speed stuff for feels, but AD LB is popping up again, so the changes are targeted at that.

Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison
Source: RiotPhroxzon's Twitter

Phroxzon also hinted at champions to be changed in patch 14.2. Hwei and Illaoi should expect some adjustments but the developers haven't committed to them yet.

Illaoi: She isn't great, but her issues aren't immediately solvable with just numbers changes (lane got wider, so tentacles are worse). We're trying to see what we can do with a bit more soak time on it for 14.2. If we can't find anything, will do numbers buffs.

Hwei: Hwei has been bugged to have E sometimes get locked out, so while we want to buff him if he's actually as weak as it seems (AH removal hurts), we need to see how impactful that bug and bug fix is before committing to anything.

Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison

Patch 14.1b will come out on January 13, around 2:00 or 3:00 AM CET. Update 14.1 came out on January 10 with a massive overhaul to items and the map. You can find more details about the season changes below.

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