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New League of Legends champion Smolder's release date possibly postponed to February Rumors

A possible release date for the new League of Legends champion Smolder has become known. The young dragon might arrive with patch 14.3. Although this information appeared on the official game's website, it was only shown in some languages.

Smolder's release date is only available in some versions of the page, including Russian, Romanian, Greek and Brazilian. In other languages, the article describes the dragon's skills, which had already been presented along with the champion’s gameplay trailer.

League of Legends new champion Smolder trailer revealed

Smolder is already available on the PBE server. Typically, the champion's testing takes two weeks, so the insiders' previous guess was that he would come out along with patch 14.2, which will be released on January 24.

Update 14.3 will be launched on February 7. It's possible that some local offices of Riot Games shared a same mistake when publishing these articles in their languages. Or perhaps the developers actually decided to release the dragon later to balance him better.

Who is League of Legends next champion Smolder? Fire-breathing young dragon leaks and rumors, abilities and release date
But he isn't ready to hatch yet.

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