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League of Legends new champion Smolder trailer revealed Video

Riot Games showed the new League of Legends champion after Hwei. He is a little dragon named Smolder. The trailer came out on YouTube.

The trailer tells the history of the dragons, narrated by a kid. Smolder appears at the end of it, burning a hole in the illustration of his story. He apologises to his mother, which stays off-picture. She is probably the force that was "lurking not too far in the distance" to protect Smolder, mentioned in the early descriptions of the character.

Other details about the hero were not revealed. His release is expected with patch 14.2, according to insiders' guesses. The update will come out on January 24. The developers will likely reveal more details shortly. Below is a link to the post dedicated to all the details about Smolder.

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But he isn't ready to hatch yet.

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