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League of Legends will have new MMR system in 2024, potentially move to TrueSkill 2

Riot Games game designer August "Iksar" Dean Ayala revealed they are reworking the way MMR would work in League of Legends. The developers will use their own system at the beginning of 2024, and later plan to switch to TrueSkill 2.

MMR is a hidden rating responsible for matchmaking and distributing LP in competitive modes. The new system will account for inactivity periods, players' general statistics and their experience in LoL and other metrics.

We're moving to a different proprietary (Riot-made) system at the start of the new year (ish) and then tentatively planning on moving to a new system later in the year called TrueSkill 2. We're still evaluating on TrueSkill for now, but it sounds promising.

We'll share more info when we have it — there are already some changes in place for the start of the new split that should help put new accounts at an appropriate ranked placement — and also some other changes that should make getting into a negative LP state much more difficult (think -30, +20). We'll have to see what actually happens in practice, though — I suspect there will be many adjustments/corrections/bugfixes over the course of the year. I am confident we'll be in a better spot regardless. <...>

TrueSkill 2 would take a long time to integrate if we end up deciding to do it -- don't want to wait that long to make improvements

August "Iksar" Dean Ayala

TrueSkill 2 was developed by Microsoft in 2018 and used in Halo and Rainbow Six Siege. The system is similar to Elo or Glicko but, unlike them, was designed specifically for video games. It's patented and requires obtaining a license from Microsoft.

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