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Next League of Legends champion after Hwei might come out with patch 14.2 in early 2024 Rumors

Insiders Remus, Big Bad Bear, and other bloggers have guessed an approximate release date for the next League of Legends champion. The release of the character on the PBE test server may take place in January 2024.

Bloggers concluded this based on the LoL patch schedule for 2024, which appeared at the end of December. In the latest blog, Riot Games reported that the character's release is planned for the very beginning of 2024. According to content makers, the new character will appear on the test server after the release of update 14.1, which will take place on January 10, and in the main client, you should expect him in update 14.2 on January 24.

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There is very little information about the new champion yet. The official release date has also not yet been announced. The character is known to be a young fire-breathing creature, possibly a dragon, "cuter than Naafiri." More information is available at this link.

The developers may share more about the new champion in early January when Riot Games employees return from their annual vacation. The character will probably be presented on the developer blog before season 14, which traditionally comes out a few days before the start.

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