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League of Legends patch 13.24 B preview: another Hwei buff, Yone and Orianna nerfs

Riot Games announced an unscheduled patch 13.24b, at the end of League of Legends Season 2023. The developers decided to buff Hwei again and nerfed several champions, including Orianna, Sylas, and Yone. The announcement came out on Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison's Twitter, who explained the changes.

Hwei: His learning curve has been improving, but we still think he's overall a bit weak.

— His late game is good and we want to keep his early game weakness intact for this, but it's probably a bit too extreme right now.

— We've noticed that WE and EW still require a bit more of a learning curve for players to get used to, and WE, in particular, is essential to playing him well in not being overly mana-constrained and for unleashing full burst combos. We expect players to get better at this over time.

Orianna/Syndra/Sylas/Yone: These champs have all been a bit strong to varying degrees in Pro Play, but have also been a bit strong in (especially) Elite solo queue.

Corki/Warwick: Champs have been on the weak side for a while, throwing them a bone.

Naafiri: We overnerfed Naafiri recently, so looking to restore some of that power.

Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison
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Source: Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison on Twitter

Patch 13.24 B will come out on December 12/13, depending on the timezone. The developers will probably release it without an additional detailed preview. Hwei was previously nerfed during the PBE testing but buffed the day after release.

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