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League of Legends final patch 13.24 notes: Hwei release, Briar and Ivern nerfs

Riot Games has released the final version of the changes for League of Legends patch 13.24 notes. The update brings the new champion, Hwei, a midlaner mage with a complex set of abilities. The changes were published on the official website.

Additionally, the developers nerfed Ivern and Briar, and the latter has been weakened in every update since her release. Azir, Leona, K'Sante and other champions were buffed.

Patch 13.24 highlights

Update 13.24 is currently live on most of the servers. It's the last patch of the current season. Along with the release, the Arena mode will return to the game, with the list of changes described previously by the developers. A fresh guide to Hwei and his abilities can be found via the link below.

Hwei build guide: skill order, best runes, items to buy. How to play Hwei, new League of Legends mage champion
Let's learn to paint.

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