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League of Legends patch notes 13.22 preview: Briar, Senna, Kassadin nerfs, Rammus and Dr. Mundo buffs

Riot Games released a detailed preview for League of Legends patch 13.22. Dr.Mundo, Mage, and Rammus got buffed, Briar, Nilah, Kassadin, and others were nerfed. Game designer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison shared it on Twitter, providing explanations behind some changes.

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Mage Attack Speed: We're looking at varying approaches for different champions based on whether they already have a good attack frame, how much we want them to be attacking, etc.

We know this may put some champions a bit over balance-wise, but we want to assess how impactful this change in and then scale back where necessary (probably in the early game area)

Briar: Briar changes are targeted at reducing how potent Briar is in lower skill brackets and, secondarily, targeted at reducing the effectiveness of some of the lethality builds that have been picking up recently. We would like Briar builds to be still fighter-oriented.

Graves: Graves is a bit too durable overall and especially in the early game. We like that he's a good duelist, but he is winning these statchecks early a bit too often.

Kassadin: Overall, Kassadin benefited from longer, less snowbally games, we're taking some of his more Elite skewed spells down a tad.

Nilah: Large cooldowns like R tend to be better utilized by normal players who also tend to stand in the ability more for longer. We're reducing the total impact of this ability that intends to make her weaker in normal play, without impacting higher levels of play as much.

Senna: Senna gained a bunch from the longer, less snowbally games and her Q usages and output are used significantly better by higher-skill players. We're taking some power away from this while still making sure the ability remains satisfying.

Ziggs: Ziggs is too strong everywhere, but stronger in bot than mid. We're targeting an armor nerf, which should be effective in bot and would usually be pretty effective in mid (especially in normal play), but Ziggs is longer range than most and is less affected than he'd normally be.

Gragas: Gragas high haste (codex stacking) E spamming builds, while funny and largely ineffective, just look a bit strange/bugged, so we're adjusting the cooldown paradigm.

Seraphine: Targeting mostly the outputs that are tied to farming roles (AP ratios, Q as a farming tool, etc.) and leaving most of the supportive outputs intact. Hoping that this keeps her support power roughly the same while tapping down Bot.

Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison

Update 13.22 will come out on November 8th. The final list of the changes will appear the day before on the official website. This is the last patch of the second ranked split, which will end on November 21st.

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