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League of Legends patch 13.19 details: nerfs to Azir and Rek'Sai, buffs to Jhin and Gangplank

Riot Games has revealed the detailed changelog for League of Legends patch 13.19. Galio, Syndra, and Twitch were buffed, while Rek'Sai, Renekton, and Zeri were ner d. Balance designer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison posted the changes on Twitter.

Briar was not included in the patch. The developers removed Ziggs from the buff list since his changes could affect Worlds 2023 too much. Instead, they nerfed Azir, who appears overpowered for the pro scene.

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In the preview, Phroxzon shared the reasons behind most of the patch adjustments. Update 13.19 will be released on September 26. The final list of changes will be released on the official website the day before. This is the patch the World Championship 2023 will use. The tournament will take place in Korea from October 10 to November 19.

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