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New League of Legends jungler Briar gets buffed next day after release in patch 13.18

Riot Games released a small buff to Briar in League of Legends shortly after the patch 13.18 release. Lead champion designer August "August" Browning shared the details on Twitter.

The character will become more resilient in difficult situations. August said the developers were careful with the changes, as the heroine was likely to become stronger "as players learn the in(t)s and outs of her kit."

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Briar changes


  • HP: 590 >>> 610


  • Damage Reduction: 35% >>> 40%
  • Cooldown: 18 >>> 16

Brier was part of the balance update 13.18, released on September 13. Access to the champion was opened on the next day. Briar will not be used at Worlds 2023, just like the previously released Naafiri. Learn more about how to play the new jungler in our guide below.

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Some food for thoughts on how to play the new LoL jungler.

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