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Gen.G terminates contract with former pro Mystic accused of sexual assault and impregnating his girlfriend without consent

Gen.G terminated their contract with former Korean professional player and streamer Jin "Mystic" Seong-jun. The man is accused of multiple cases of misbehavior, including non-consensual intercourse and impregnating his girlfriend Yoo Hye-di. She shared the details on Twitter, translated by Ashley Kang.

Key takeaways from Yoo's story

  • According to Yoo, "One day, he ejaculated in her without even telling her."
  • After she got worried about a possible pregnancy, Mystic got annoyed and said, "That can't be possible. It doesn't happen after just one [intercourse]. Why are you talking about something that hasn't even happened yet? Stop talking."
  • When she was worried about having sex during the early stages of pregnancy, she asked, "What if the baby goes wrong?" His response was, 'We can just make a new one.'"
  • He avoided any conversation about their future child and insisted on abortion. He joked he "wanted to run away." As he evaded to discuss the topic early on, the operation took place only on the 22nd week.
  • Mystic insisted on having sex on multiple occasions, including during sleep, didn't stop when she was crying, and after abortion, which caused bleeding and inflammation.
  • In early 2023, Yoo was assaulted by an intruder, which was reported in the media. She went to the hospital, but Mystic didn't look for her. When they spoke, she received only an annoyed response. He didn't visit her or show concern.
  • Afterwards, he had sex with Yoo while she was still recovering from the assault.
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Mystic posted a responce, which was later taken down, according to Ashley Kang. The streamer refuted most of the accusations. "Sexual assault while she was sleeping — I don't really know about this, but I think we had intercourse once, and she was crying, and I did say sorry." Their relationship lasted from 2021 to 2023.

Mystic has competed since 2013 and is mostly known as Team WE botlaner. He also represented Afreeca Freecs, JD Gaming, and went inactive in late 2021. Gen.G signed him as a streamer in May 2023. His best achievements were 1st places at LPL 2017 Spring and KeSPA Cup 2019.

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