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Naafiri nerfs for League of Legends patch 13.15 are revoked after "champion stabilized"

Riot Games rolled back the planned nerfs to new champion Naafiri. They were supposed to be implemented in League of Legends patch 13.15, but since the champion's winrate stopped growing, the developers thought she landed in a "good place." The decision was announced by Stephen "Raptorr" Auker on Twitter.

I'll start by saying that we will not be making any adjustments (buffs or nerfs) to Naafiri in patch 13.15. Earlier in the week, we said to expect nerfs, but that was anticipating that her win rate would continue to grow. After a couple of days of monitoring, it's actually stabilized in a healthy place, so we won't be making adjustments.

Based on the last couple of days of data, her Mid win rate settled between 51%- 51 5% for average MMR and around 49-49.5% in elite MMR. This split Is largely what we were expecting, given that she has a more accessible kit with high counterplay, especially against coordinated teams. Elite has taken a while to catch up, which is very common for new .amps, but it's grown to a healthy place as well.

Also, as mentioned In a previous post, we will primarily be focused on making sure she's shining in Mid at the moment, and will not be looking to make any Jungle-specific adjustments for the time being.

We'll continue to monitor her performance and make adjustments as needed.

Stephen "Raptorr" Auker
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Patch 13.15 will be launched on August 2, while Naafiri came out in the previous one. Her changes were announced in the initial preview of update 13.15 but weren't mentioned in the following detailed patch notes. There was also a hotfix to the champion already implemented in a separate hotfix.

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