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Uzi might join EDward Gaming Rumors

Legendary Chinese League of Legends player Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao is rumored to join EDward Gaming. According to LPL caster Ke "957" Chang-Yu, the parties "have made the deal." This information was posted on LPL Fanclub Twitter.

Also, according to the analytical database OBGG, Uzi is listed as EDward's new AD Carry.

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The last time Uzi played professionally was when he came back from retirement and joined Bilibili Gaming. He participated only in a single LPL 2022 Spring, finishing 8th. After that, he moved to the inactive roster and left the organization by the end of the year.

EDward Gaming played three matches in LPL 2023 Summer. Their next game will be against JD Gaming on Saturday, June 10. The team currently fields two bot laners: Hu "Leave" Hong-chao and Kang "Thesnake" Guang.

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