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Doublelift says he will play for LCS Summer to avoid its cancelation, disagrees with LCSPA walkout demands, even though he voted "yes" Video

North American star Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng from 100 Thieves says he will participate in the LCS 2023 Summer if the split is on the verge of cancelation. On stream, the bot laner spoke about his involvement in LCSPA strike voting, discussed the association's demands for the LoL publisher and explained why he voted "yes."

Key takes from Doublelift's stream:

  • He doesn't agree with most of LCSPA's demands, saying he voted to save the tier-2 scene in NA. He wonders who pushed the requests the way it was done.
  • Doublelift doesn't like the academy system because it often puts young prospects in a contract jail. Although he thinks the NACL approach is "even worse."
  • Academy players shouldn't get as much as the strike wants, and it's not even a good thing to pay them a lot.
  • A free market is better than an artificial approach to salaries and contracts. For the same reason, teams should not be forced to have academy teams.
  • He finds promotion/relegation demand impossible because it sounds different from the Valorant league, even though LCSPA frames it as a "Valorant-style" thing.
  • He says he voted in favor of changes because he didn't think that even half of Players Association members would appear for voting. Doublelift was surprised to see them coming and "overwhelmingly" supported the walkout.

Previously, Riot Games postponed the LCS 2023 Summer for two weeks to address the walkout by LCSPA. The developer's official statement claims there will be negotiations between all parties involved. If things aren't settled, the whole split might get canceled, and NA teams will lose their Worlds 2023 slots this year.

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