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"TSM requested to field Reginald". Richard Lewis shares details of possible anti-strike measures by Riot and LCS orgs Rumors

Journalist Richard Lewis revealed some details about the actions that LCS organizations and Riot Games were considering while planning to counter the LCSPA walkout. Based on his sources, one of those could've been Andy "Reginald" Dinh coming from the 10-year-long retirement to play for TSM.

The top teams needed to fill the emptied spots on their lineups, so they were searching for scab talent. Lewis claims they were offering up to $4,000 per game. Another way to negate the effect of the strike was a request to Riot to allow staff members to participate in LCS "in a bid to try and get some positive content out of the situation." Richard wasn't aware if the organizers gave their blessing for this move or not.

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According to RL, Riot "was furious" in response to the strike happening amidst the viewership numbers drop-off in LCS. The publisher threatened to fine the teams if they wouldn't field their rosters...

The fines are going to be issued for teams that cannot field an LCS team and will recur each time they are unable to do so. Every LCS team has been told they must have players available for games, no matter who they are. They’ve also been told that if they publicly express support for the walkout, they will be also be fined.

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...or even expel some of them:

What has teams acting desperate is that Riot has said an inability to field a team will have them re-evaluate their fitness for membership in the league.

Another anonymous source

The report was published shortly before Riot Games announced postponing the LCS 2023 Summer split for two weeks to negotiate with the Players Association. However, they already addressed the strike demands in the same statement, rejecting most of them. You can find all the details of the ongoing controversy via the link below.

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