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"The league is not running". LCS Players Association successfully voted to walk out to fight Riot's decision over NACL

The NA LCS 2023 Summer split might not start as scheduled, as LCS Players Association (LCSPA) went on strike following recent decision by Riot to allow organizations to drop academy rosters. The vote for walk out among members of LCSPA has overwhelmingly passed.

According to LCSPA executive director Philip Aram, the organizations will struggle to field their lineups to play in the NA league. Before the vote, he said, "If we have 26 out of 50 of the LCS player willing to do something, I can tell you right now, the league's not running".

Previously, running an academy roster was mandatory for LCS teams. In early May, Riot Games removed these obligations and many organizations have dropped their NACL teams, taking away the players' and coaches' jobs overnight, just like it was predicted by LCSPA. Some, like Team Liquid opted to keep their academy team.

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LCSPA thinks Riot Games deceived the community framing NACL update as positive. They also claim that the publisher didn't communicate its decision beforehand, which Aram sees as "significant breach of trust". LCSPA demands include "Valorant-style" promotion, establishing a minimal player salary pool of $300k, and other changes to keep NACL running.

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