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League of Legends patch 13.11 preview: items balancing, Jinx, Amumu, and Aurelion Sol nerfs, Azir, Kalista buffs

Riot Games shared a preview of patch 13.11 for League of Legends. It will feature Akali, Kalista, and Renekton buffs, along with Jinx, Kog'Maw, and Aurelion Sol nerfs. The announcement came up on developers' Twitter.

There's a lot of item balance changes since patch 13.10 shook up the meta with new ones. Some mentioned champion changes, including Rell and Ivern, were also detailed previously. The developers were pleased with the class shifts:

We saw good shifts in classes, with Tank and Fighters on the radar once the strong Assassin/Mage classes have settled. Overall tough to judge initial ADC strength with the plethora of builds, especially when tuning some of the very powerful items (Galeforce, Stormrazer).

LoL developing team
Source: LoLDev Twitter

Patch 13.11 will come out on June 1. The previously detailed champion reworks were moved to this update. Here are Ivern and Rell's changes.

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